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Questions & Answers about purewasabi


The colour is different to what I am used to, why?

The wasabi paste in a tube most usually available in supermarkets is a horseradish paste with artificial colour and flavour added.

Can I get this wasabi at my sushi bar?

Sushi bars usually use a rehydrated paste with precious little (if any) real wasabi. We suggest you make the owner aware of our purewasabi paste and ask them to contact us and begin stocking the real thing. Thanks.

Is it hot?

No, not as hot as the artificial pastes but purewasabi has a much more plant flavour. Wasabi titillates the back of your mouth and nasal area and the intensity can be controlled by breathing in through the nose or not. Real wasabi has a hit but does not linger long or repeat from the gullet.

Where can I get my supplies of purewasabi?

Good delicatessens and supermarkets stock purewasabi but as it is very new to the market some might not have heard about it yet. You can order using our online shop.

How is your wasabi grown?

Some of our Wasabi is grown in streams, and some in soil and is spray free. Wasabi can be difficult to grow, preferring cold winter to hot summer and taking 18 months to two years to mature before harvest.

What can I do with my wasabi?

Because ‘purewasabi’ is a paste, it can be added to mayonnaise, dressings, sauces and dips as well as being used as a stunning paste. This makes it very versatile and a favourite with chefs. Adding cheese, butter or oils to the mix tends to make the wasabi milder so more is needed to gain the same effect.

How should I store my wasabi?

Always in the refrigerator. Purewasabi has a 9 month best before date at ambient (room) temperature and 2 years if kept refrigerated. The Best Before date always shows the shorter date and if the retailer has kept it in the refrigerator you can be confident it will go well past this date.

Can I cook wasabi?

The pungency unique to wasabi (known as isothiocyanates) is quite volatile and evaporates easily. Heat will quickly evaporate the taste of wasabi. Add it last, just before serving.