How to use

How to use purewasabi

Nadia Lim at Flock Hill Station with purewasabi

Nadia Lim at Flock Hill Station with purewasabi (photo supplied and used with permission)

As a relatively new herb to western cuisine, the uses for wasabi are limited only by your imagination and flair, but here are some ideas:

  • Accompaniment for all meats and fish, hot or cold
  • Add to sauces or mayonnaise for an added zing!
  • On antipasto platters with salamis, crackers and cheese
  • In sandwiches like a mustard
  • With hot chips
  • Mousetraps! Toast, pure wasabi, ham, tomato and cheese (or whatever you prefer, in the griller until the cheese has melted and toasted slightly.
  • On barbecues
  • Mixed with butter and melted on new potatoes
  • With sushi and other Japanese foods
  • Mix with a flavour free oil to thin the wasabi paste and then drizzle it over a salad
  • Make a mix of your favourite herbs and spices along with wasabi and baste your favourite fish (salmon is divine) as it comes out of the oven before serving.
  • Mix a little with ice cream (especially home made ice cream) and serve as a sorbet.
  • Place with other dips on the table and tell everyone it is guacamole. You may laugh, but be prepared to defend yourself and run!

If you have a favourite use or discover a new use for wasabi we would be pleased to add it to our list for others to enjoy. Send us an email to

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